Applied AI for
Energy Transition
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We design, build and deploy high-performance custom AI systems for organisations shaping the future of energy

Our experts help companies in the energy sector tackle their most complex challenges. From optimising the lifecycle of critical assets and managing network operations, to accurate demand forecasting and servicing customers.

Rooted in Decision Intelligence principles, our solutions enhance organisational decision-making to transform operational efficiency, optimise costs, and deliver lasting environmental impact.

“Northern Powergrid’s vision is to deliver a smarter and more flexible energy system for our customers to decarbonise efficiently. We chose Faculty because of their expertise in implementing custom AI solutions for critical national infrastructure and their ability to harness the latest advancements in machine learning.”

Gillian Williamson, Head of System Forecasting, Northern Powergrid

As OpenAI’s first technology partner, we also develop and implement generative AI (GenAI) solutions for clients across the energy industry.

We are Europe’s most advanced critical national infrastructure AI specialists

Our team of PhD+ data scientists, engineers, and commercial specialists have built custom AI solutions for hundreds of private and public sector organisations worldwide.

We power organisations that are building the energy ecosystem of tomorrow

We create AI-powered mission-critical systems to solve complex data challenges, working with customers to both solve their problems and build their own capability.

We work with the world’s leading AI and technology providers

We partner with and build on the most trusted AI, data and technology platforms for our energy clients, including AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenAI, Snowflake, Databricks, and more.

Answering the world’s energy challenge with Decision Intelligence

Renewable energy and the technologies we need to decarbonise our economies are now a reality. But commercialising and scaling these solutions to work in an efficient and integrated system comes with considerable risk and complexity.

Transitioning to this new energy system and building the infrastructure around it requires intelligent planning and flexible operational decision-making.

At a time when effective short and long-term decision-making has never been more crucial, Decision Intelligence offers energy organisations a deeper understanding of their choices. Forecast the future, understand the probability of different risks and simulate the impact of your decisions before you make them.

Asset performance

Asset performance

Monitor and optimise value over the lifecycle of your assets,
increasing operating margins and reducing carbon intensity.
  • Commercial and operational asset optimisation
  • Predictive and prescriptive maintenance
  • Anomaly detection
AI for Energy Transition

Energy system transition

Energy system transition

Plan and operate the energy system of the future.
  • Generation and demand forecasting
  • Network management
  • Infrastructure planning & optimisation

Process efficiency

Process efficiency

Maximise the efficiency of your organisational processes,
from reporting to customer experience.
  • Customer service and operations
  • Supply chain planning & workforce scheduling
  • Field operations workflow automation

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