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An actionable Generative AI Roadmap in four weeks

Generative AI solutions like OpenAI’s ChatGPT will transform the way that businesses operate and engage with customers. But knowing where and how to get started can be daunting.

With our Generative AI Roadmap, we’ll work with you
to identify the genuine opportunities that Generative AI
can tackle within your organisation, both today and
in the future. Get an actionable plan to build the
capabilities you need to outpace your competition.

Up and running in as little as four weeks.

Build your roadmap in as little as four weeks

1. Educate and Ideate

Half day workshop

Understand what Generative
AI means for your sector,
and your business

Executive upskilling and
longlist development

Bring your executive team up-to-date
with Generative AI developments,
including demos of the latest
technology from our partner, OpenAI.

2. Prioritise and Scope

2-3 weeks

Identify the highest value
opportunities with significant
first mover advantage

Prioritised Gen AI roadmap
and business case

Prioritise the Generative AI
use cases based on their technical
feasibility, commercial opportunity,
and your team’s readiness.

3. Plan for Deployment

1 week

Understand how to deploy this
technology in a way that delivers
value robustly and safely

Deployment plan for
high priority use cases

Develop an actionable
implementation plan to build and
deploy your most viable, high
priority Generative AI use cases.

“We chose to work with Faculty because they understand our technology and its potential but also have the experience to ensure it is implemented successfully and safely. Generative AI is going to reshape the world in ways we can’t yet imagine, and we look forward to Faculty helping us on our journey to extend the benefits to businesses and their customers.”

Zack Kass, Head of GTM

Who we are

Faculty is Europe’s leading applied AI firm, and first technical partner of OpenAI, creators of GPT-4. Our expert team of PhD+ data scientists and engineers have built and deployed hundreds of high-impact AI systems. We work with over 250 organisations across both public and private sectors worldwide.

Our AI solutions underpin critical operations for healthcare providers, leading retail and consumer businesses, energy companies and governments. We are pioneers and global leaders in safe and ethical deployments of AI.

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Our work in the news

in the press
Faculty developed A&E admissions forecasting tool goes live across NHS England – Computer Weekly
in the press
The Times covers how Faculty is applying AI to cure bed blocking
in the press
Faculty partners with NHS on A&E admissions forecasting tool to cut waiting lists, writes The Times
in the press
The NHS partners with Faculty to predict future demand of COVID-19
in the press
Faculty delivers NHS’s most successful AI project, says Health Service Journal
in the press
Marc Warner averted Britain’s herd immunity disaster and helped save lives, writes the New Statesman
in the press
Faculty works with big tech companies to support the NHS COVID-19 data response

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