We want to build AI that’s good for the world

As a global community, we must collectively remove at least 8 billion tonnes of carbon
per year from the atmosphere by 2050 to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

1. Measuring our emissions

As always, we’re starting with the data, closely monitoring and calculating our annual carbon footprint.

2. Offsetting our emissions

As a short to medium term measure, we balance every ounce of carbon we produce by purchasing carbon removal offsets – measurable, verifiable emission reductions from climate action projects.

3. We’re working to actively limit our emissions over time

We’ve switched to a renewable energy provider in our office and are exploring zero carbon initiatives like sustainable cloud computing. As we grow and expand, we will ensure we keep our carbon per head constant.

The commitments we’re making

In partnership with Technation and Bulb, we’ve joined 14 other fastest-growing tech companies in the Tech Zero Taskforce to commit to net zero and take climate action.

As part of our net zero pledge, we are committing to:

Measure our organisation’s emissions each year

Purchase carbon offsets in the short to medium term to achieve net zero

Appoint a dedicated member of our leadership team to be responsible and accountable for our net zero target

Report our progress annually to our board and on our website

Communicate our climate commitments with our customers

Our work in tackling climate change with AI

From optimising energy usage to monitoring the emissions of individual
assets, AI can play a key role in protecting the environment.

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