Pioneering the use of AI in social research to inform public service delivery

Verian Partnership with Faculty

Accelerating Responsible
AI Decision-Making

Faculty AI and Verian are collaborating to accelerate the application of responsible AI in supporting decision-making across government and the public sector.

By responsibly applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to social research we can analyse more complex and exponentially larger data sources. Leading to more comprehensive, nuanced research, delivered efficiently and effectively.

It was evident that the combination of Verian’s world leading social research, evidence and analytical expertise, combined with Faculty’s technology, machine learning and AI capabilities, would be a powerful force to help solve the increasingly complex evidence and data challenges faced by decision makers in governments around the world.

Craig Watkins, UK CEO, Verian

Verian Partnership with Faculty

Ethical AI at the Forefront of Social Research

Our collaboration is rooted in the deep expertise and shared values of both organisations to improve public services.

Developing the highest standards for the responsible and ethical application of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to social research and public policy is at the heart of this partnership.

Through the development of Verian’s Smart Matrix Analyser, we have already seen first-hand the potential for AI to improve both the breadth and quality of large scale social research. But this type of technology is most impactful when paired with experts in social research disciplines. For this reason, we’re very excited about partnering with the world-class team at Verian.

Tom Nixon, Director for Government, Faculty

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