OpenAI’s first integration
partner for
the UK and EU

Harness the power
of generative AI
with ChatGPT

Large language models (LLMs) present a massive opportunity, but implementing ChatGPT the right way requires thoughtful planning and human led implementation.

Frontier ensures generative AI delivers lasting value with governance and control. Our consulting services help you integrate OpenAI’s technology to suit your business goals.

“We chose to work with Faculty because they understand our technology and its potential but also have the experience to ensure it is implemented successfully and safely.”

Zack Kass – Head of GTM at OpenAI, March 2023

Better together:
OpenAI + Frontier

Whether you are trying to optimise your support team, automate marketing personalisation or generate quality content, we can help you mitigate the potential risks of LLMs.

Avoid hallucination, biased results, misinformation and data privacy breaches with Frontier.

A proven model to implement LLMs
with compliance at scale


We help you evaluate if, how and
when to use the technology, test
it safely and prioritise use cases


We train and fine-tune models to
your need, including deployment,
optimisation and learning


We ensure you successfully,
effectively and safely connect
OpenAI solutions with your own

Helping our customers unlock business value with OpenAI

Generating synthetic text to improve privacy

“Using an OpenAI model, Faculty and NHSE created synthetic doctor’s notes to evaluate privacy risks in NHS free text data in order to accelerate research whilst maintaining privacy. We are excited to explore ways to use OpenAI technology safely and responsibly to support patient care.”

Dr. Jonathan Pearson, Lead DS

Enhancing client services for law firm

“Axiom’s partnership with Faculty enhances our service to clients by recommending matches between their needs and our global bench of talent. Axiom is now exploring with Faculty how generative AI can enable us to serve our clients even faster via natural, intuitive, digital experiences.”

CJ Saretto, VP

Making medicines fit for tomorrow

“We’re seeking new ways to help doctors and our teams quickly understand complex medical information. Faculty is helping us evaluate OpenAI models to support us improving patient experiences and accelerate our mission to lifecycle manage medicines.”

Badri Wadawadigi, Chief Digital Officer

Automated marking and feedback that saves hours of teacher time

“Faculty are supporting us brilliantly in this critical area of education; helping to change teachers’ and learners’ lives by building OpenAI’s powerful models in our real-time writing tools.”

Jeremy Waters, CEO

Summarise medical information for editors

“We are excited to be working with Faculty to evaluate the potential of and optimise OpenAI’s technology for editors in support of our mission to provide high quality medical content to healthcare professionals.”

Matthew Eisenstadt, VP

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