A trusted Microsoft
AI Cloud Partner

Innovative AI built on Azure Platform

From multinational consumer brands and financial services, to the NHS and public services, our partnership with Microsoft empowers users to do their jobs better with AI.

Our industry-leading expertise across the Azure AI portfolio helps Azure customers to solve real-world problems through ground-breaking scalable AI solutions.

“As a trusted Microsoft partner, Faculty have consistently demonstrated an outstanding level of proficiency and excellence in supporting Azure customers to deliver transformative AI solutions with resounding impact, spanning a diverse range of sectors and use cases.”

Glen Robinson, National Technology Officer, Microsoft

Why develop on Azure?

Scalable AI innovation

Simplified model management lets us focus on the solution and scale it to your needs

Seamless integration

Allows us to implement cutting-edge AI straight into your existing Azure infrastructure 

Safety & Compliance

Azure provides a foundation of trust, ensuring safe, secure, and responsible AI from the start

Azure Open AI Services – The natural choice for tighter security posture

Azure Open AI Services gives you access to cutting-edge GPT models while affording the full benefits of enterprise-grade Azure security, allowing you to build AI directly into your workflow.

Retain sovereignty and control of your data while using the state-of-the-art with Azure.

Our work with Microsoft

Using AI to improve safety
across the rail industry

Together with RSSB we explored how AI can be successfully used to monitor and evaluate Safety Critical Communications in real-world situations.

Using LLMs to deliver qualitative research

With our tool, researcher productivity significantly
increased, from analysing
3 scripts per day to 20+.

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