Powering AI transformation
with Accenture

Accenture strategy with
Frontier technology

Accenture is a preferred distribution partner for Frontier, Faculty’s AI operating system for intelligent decision-making.

Frontier is the technology foundation for Accenture’s AI transformation offering. Our platform is used to build and scale AI across Accenture’s global client base.

Working with Faculty, we can help companies drive value from AI responsibly and help deliver on the investments that will likely define them in the next decade.

Shaheen Sayed, UK & Ireland CEO, Accenture

Marc Warner, CEO Faculty & Shaheen Sayed, UK & I Lead Accenture

Navigating the AI hype cycle with Accenture and Frontier

Three out of four executives believe if they don’t scale their AI offering in the next five years, they risk going out of business.

Surviving in the era of AI means investing in the right strategy and technology stack to reap the benefits while reducing risk.

Frontier + Accenture: key elements
of successful AI transformation

Human-first AI culture

AI transformation means business leaders will manage people and machines. We build systems that augment humans, not replace them.

Connected models and data sources

Models are not built and deployed in silos. They are mapped to business processes, team KPIs, and connected to each other for maximum impact.

Baked-in AI safety and governance

A robust governance platform that enables organisations to avoid hallucinations, biassed results or misinformation.

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