AI that delivers
commercial results for consumer-powered businesses


We design, build and implement
high-performance AI systems for B2C businesses.

From the production line to the checkout – AI can supercharge
end-to-end decision-making across your entire value chain.


Increase customer engagement and lifetime value

Increase efficiency and
performance of marketing
and customer service
investments with:

Customer segmentation and
lifetime value prediction

Optimised product recommendation engines

Personalised upsell, cross-sell
and next best action

Optimise commercial operations

Predict, monitor and optimise
the impact of your pricing and
promotional decisions in
granular detail via:

Dynamic pricing and
revenue management

Promotion and
markdown optimisation

Risk monitoring and
horizon scanning

Improve supply chain efficiency and performance

Improve operational excellence, optimise working capital, and supercharge service levels while cutting waste via:

Demand forecasting
and sensing

Inventory management
and stock balancing

Workforce and shift

Future-proof your AI Investments

Powered by a team of 350 data scientists, ML engineers and industry experts, we have the expertise to deliver commercial impact and competitive advantage across your business.

Our human-centric approach to AI deployment is rooted in the principles of Decision Intelligence and responsible AI. We help you build systems that are trustworthy, explainable and fully integrated into your business to deliver long-lasting results.

Customer success stories

The Faculty difference

We are Europe’s most qualified AI delivery specialists

Our team of 300 PhD+ data scientists, engineers, and industry experts only specialise in AI. We have built custom AI solutions for hundreds of private and public sector organisations
around the world.

We deliver tangible economic impact for our customers

We build AI systems for mission-critical processes that deliver commercial results. Our solutions are trusted by top consumer brands to handle millions in annual revenue.

We work with the world’s leading AI and technology providers

We partner with and build on the most trusted AI, data and technology platforms, and integrate with your existing systems. Including OpenAI, AWS, Snowflake, Databricks and more.

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