AI that delivers responsible innovation in the life sciences


We design and build solutions that bring life sciences into the age of AI.

We support all aspects of the life science business cycle, from optimised clinical trials and managing IP portfolios, through to bioinformatics and R&D. We will help you develop a competitive AI strategy and build the technology needed to deliver the latest innovative therapies to patients.

What we do

Optimise candidate selection with Artificial Intelligence

Target discovery

Multi-modal data

Patient stratification

Reduce cost and risk with automated decision support

Optimising clinical trials


Measuring unmet need

Develop a competitive strategy with actionable insight

Demand forecasting

IP management

Real World Data analysis

Ai for Life Sciences

AI for Life Sciences

Therapeutics and medicine are often cited as prime candidates for disruption by AI, helping medical device, health tech and pharmaceutical industries to make better decisions. But embracing technical innovation must not compromise reliability and trust.

Decision Intelligence uses all the information available, understands the uncertainty and considers the underlying cause. Our experts have specialist backgrounds in AI combined with life sciences and we understand the complexity involved. Faculty’s approach enables life science companies to de-risk AI, prove value and manage investment at every stage.

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